How can I Pay for my Gap Insurance Policy?

You can pay for you gap insurance policy from either EasyGap or Gap insurance 123 in many different ways.

  1. You can pay using our secure payment systems online.
  2. You can call our free phone number 0800 195 4926 where a member of our team will be able to process your card.
  3. You can pay using your pay-pal account
  4. You can pay using bank transfer please call a member of the team you will send you our bank details.
  5. You can pay by credit card – there is no additional charge
  6. You can send a cheque, please remember that if you chose to pay this way your cover will not start until we have received your payment.

If you are buying a gap insurance policy from EasyGap you can even pay monthly for any policy over £100.

You will need to enter the bank details that you would like the direct debit to be taken from.   and then make the first installment by credit or debit card

Please note that the payments are interest free and that there is no credit search.

for example you policy is £125.00

Enter your bank details to pay 12 interest free payments of £9.61 ( total payable £115.38)

Make the first installment of £9.61 to set the policy live.

Total gap insurance premium charge £124.93.

This slight difference is because naturally we can not split pennies and as such we  always under charge the gap insurance premium.


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