RAC Highlights Peace of Mind as Important Factor for Used Car Buyers.

Do you see buying a used car as a way to save money?

The RAC have highlighted what we have all thought for some time in that used car customers still want the same levels of peace of mind as new car buyers.

After all it is uncertain times that we live and cars are expensive weather you are buying a new car or a used car it will still be a major expense and one that few of us can easily budget for. With the cost of unexpected repair bills and mot’s.

In fact according to the RAC Warranty used car buyers are looking to spend their hard earned cash on what they consider to be ” safe choices” and go further to say that there is often a big difference between what used car buyers would like to be able to buy and what they can physically afford.

A spokes person for the RAC Warranty brand commented that dealerships need to be aware of this and  “Dealers need to judge the customer mindset carefully” . He also said that “Used car buyers are finding themselves spending more than they would like at a time when they feel vulnerable from an economic point of view. People are worried about their jobs, their income and the way in which savings are being eroded. They want cars that appear trustworthy and are unlikely to create trouble. Therefore, stock should be well presented, clearly cared for, have good history and be supported by warranties and other financial safety net products.”

So do you think that buying a used car is a good option?

Do you think that by manufacturers and dealership do enough to help used car buyers?

Do you always buy new cars and if so would you ever consider a used car?

After all a lot of time, manufacturers and dealerships money and media attention is lavished on new car sales and perhaps not enough attention bought to the used car option as being a safe an in expensive option.



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