Road trip record is set across America

American road trip

A brand new fastest road trip across America record was set recently when an Atlanta Lamborghini dealer, Ed Bolion arrived in Redondo Beach, California with his team, after setting out from New York City just twenty eight hours and fifty minutes earlier. This trip should have actually taken around 40 hours, according to google maps.Ed Bolion, along with Dave Black his co-driver and Dan Huang, who is his support passenger, slashed more than two hours off the record that was originally set by Dave Maher and Alex Roy of Jalopnik. The team averaged at 98 miles per hour and climaxed at 158 miles per hour in a Mercedes CL55 AMG from 2004, which at these speeds if any incident was to occur, is an almost definate write off from insurance companies.

How did they manage to complete the road trip in record setting time?

The Rocketing trio made this completely record breaking journey with the help of extremely high quality radar detectors, extra fuel tanks and of course, a cut down on the stops that were made. The team experienced just 46 minutes of downtime. They have since said that they did not realise the exact route that was taken, though they did explain that they followed l-40 for the most part of the journey, which is 2,800 miles long.

Road trip honors the class cannonball run

Bolian explained in a blog post that he wrote about the trip that the teams goal was to pay respect to the cannonball run, which was an unofficial race that took place throughout the 1970′s from coast to coast. He also exclaimed that this should not really be repeated. He said in the blog that he did not advise anybody attempt this road trip record or to break the law in any way. The activity could have resulted in our death easily, along with imprisonment or a whole host of other consequences. He expressed that he would not ask or advise other people to participate in the same sort of road trip that he and his friends did.

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