Shortfall Insurance Joins the Aequitas Automotive Family

Instant Shortfall Car Gap Insurance

Shortfall Insurance has joined the Aequitas Automotive Limited Family.

This further strengthens the Aequitas family who already have two of the leading uk independent providers, Easy Gap and Gap Insurance 123.

This in no way detracts from our existing brands instead it strengthens our position. The reason being that no matter how good a policy is each insurance company will have their own views on what is a low and high risk, for example our new brand shortfall will not be able to provide gap insurance for motorbikes.

This means that with the addition of Shortfall Insurance we are now in a stronger position and can offer consumers and policies holders even more choice.

Shortfall Insurance has taken a long time and with the help and assistance of the underwriting team now offer a real genuine alternative.

The beauty and concept of Shortfall insurance is simple. We are all different and want to protect different aspects of our vehicles. For the first time in the UK consumers are able to mix and match policies. The policies are lso all stand alone so unlike other providers you do not have to buy a gap insurance policy from us to take advabntage of our tyre insurance.

In fact shortfall Insurance or for short now offers over 10 different forms of protection, from protection against mis-fueling your vehicle or excess and key insurance.

Again you decide what aspects to protect. All policies are underwrtitten by what we at Aequitas consider to be the very cream of the crop ” UK General Insurance on behalf of Ageas insurance”. As you would expect from Aequitas the Shortfall insurance writers are not only award winners in the field for their excellence in providing insurance but more importantly for theier levels of customer service.

Shortfall insurance also has a fully intergrated payment system which allows you to chose to spread the cost of your policy or policies or to make a on off payment, the choice is yours, as always it is your money, your vehicle.




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