Skoda CitiGo

Lets us know what you think of Skoda's Citigo?

Skoda are putting all of their expertise behind a powerful new multi million pound TV advertisement campaign to launch the all new Citigo.

Each of Skoda’s  four  30 second adverts will concentrate on a special Citigo feature.

These will include

  1. Self activating Brake assist
  2. Special portable infotainment
  3. Spacious interior cabin

Skodas national TV campaign will also be coupled with the higest level of newspaper advertisment budget in Skodas history. This will include daily prizes on Face book. The eventual winner recieving a fantastic weekend for two with £500 each to spend in Self-ridges.

The adverts can be viewed using you tube. One thing is for sure with such an advertising spend and the investment in both press and Tv I am sure that the Citigo wont be a stranger for long. As the brand says ” Simply Clever!”

So why not let us know what you think about the Skoda Citigo?

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