Skoda launch new “Green Label”

New Skoda Green Tech Label is this the end for the Green Line?

Skoda has annouced that it will be launching a new ” green label” and is positioning it just below the current Green-line models.

In today’s climate we are all looking for ways to maximise and reduce the running costs of our vehicles. From better fuel economy to low insurance groups and reduced road fund licence as well as reducing our carbon footprints and Co2 emissions.

Skoda has positioned itself as one of the fore runners with models such as the green-line and plans to now make energy saving choices available to more of its customer base with the introduction of a mid range label.

New New Skoda Label is called the Green Tech .

The Green tech is already available on the new Skoda Citigo and is characterised by the stop start technology, special low rolling road tyres and energy saving systems.

This means that the Green Tech will reduce Co2 emissions by an average of between five and eight percent when compared to the same model without the Green tech label.

A spokes person for Skoda said “We have taken the decision that, as we are in this product onslaught [Skoda is launching a new model every six months on average over the next few years], we will introduce Green Tech to new vehicles as they become available.”

So whats the next model to be launched under the Skoda Green tech label?

Well the good news is that Rapid which Skoda plan to launch toward the end of the year will be the next model to receive the Green Tech when it goes on sale later this year.

So will the Green tech mark the end of the Greenlines life cycle?

Skoda insists that no the Green tech will instead support the Green Line model which is currently only available on some of the range. Instead this will be an independent model which will compliment both models already offered in the green-line as well as those without.

In short giving an energy saving opportunity across the the whole of the Skoda range.

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