Smoking in vehicles to be banned!

Over 700 health experts including Doctors have signed a letter that urges Government MPs to back a ban on smoking in vehicles with children present in England. This issue is due to be voted on on Monday in Parliament.


The people who have signed the letter in the British Medical Journal has said that the move is necessary to be able to protect children’s well being both now and in the future. They include workers throughout the NHS such as nurses, doctors and surgeons. The letter says that second hand smoke exposure is a huge cause of ill health in children, especially amongst more disadvantaged groups.

┬áSmoking in cars – For or Against

The letter says that smoking in cars will expose children to extremely high amounts of tobacco smoke and there is now an agreement that children should have protection from unnecessary hazards such as smoke. The letter also goes on to say that there are precedents to a smoking ban, including the ban on driving whilst on your mobile and the law that requires people to wear seatbelts.


Dr Nicholas Hopkinson, who is the chairman of the British Thoracic Society’s chronic obstructive pulmonary disease specialist advisory group and from Imperial College London has co-ordinated the signatures. He explained that the letter issues a very powerful statement from medical professionals across the board in this country, who day to day are treating illnesses in children that have been brought on by second hand smoke. The letter explains the rights of children to be able to breath in clean air that will not cause them to become sick.

 Smoking Ban

He went on to say that MPs next week have the opportunity to protect children from the dangers of second hand smoke and smoking in cars, which have been proven. If MPs vote in favour then it could literally help protect thousands of children across the nation. If they vote against this, then it will go down in history as an opportunity that has been hugely missed. It has been common knowledge for the majority of people, that smoking in cars is damaging for passengers.


Chairwoman of the Association of Respiratory Nurse Specialists, Nurse Rebecca Sherrington has said that a lot of people are not actually aware of how damaging second hand smoke is for children, especially in the high concentration that can be built up in a vehicle. Parents are often shocked to learn that second hand smoke can lead to such illnesses as ear infections, meningitis and even cot death.


Rolling down the car window has only funneled the smoke right into the back of the car, which is usually where the children are sitting. The Government has told it’s MPs that they can vote freely on the smoking issue.

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