Suzuki all set to take part in Sepang tests next year

We are pleased to report that in motorbike news today motorbike franchise Suzuki are all set to take part in next years Sepang Winter test in Malaysia. This news comes after the brand new Suzuki 1000cc bike was revealed two months ago to be the next duo of motorcycle to get onto the track in time for the Moto GP 2015 world championship season. The Suzuki is being slated to be a huge rival for the likes of Honda and Yamaha who have dominated the Moto GP season this year.


Testing time for Suzuki

The team of experts behind the Japanese franchise have stated that they will be taking their brand new 1000cc model Suzuki over to Sepang next year in Malaysia during the month of February on the 4th and will then again return to cover an intensive second test session for the bike on the 26th February. We have learnt that the reasoning behind these two test sessions for the Suzuki in February are so as when the time comes in 2015 for Suzuki to take its place in the big leagues of Moto GP they know they will be ready to rival the other big brand names currently residing in the Moto GP world Honda and Yamaha and they will be looking to take out some of the top players.


Suzuki to take the Moto GP Throne?

Over the years Suzuki have achieved so many accomplishments, but the one thing they are yet to achieve is stardom within the Moto GP world. Providing all tests run well and the bike is ready by 2015, we could very well be seeing the birth of a new top contender in Suzuki in the Moto GP universe come 2015. We sadly do not have any informaiton on who will be racing for Suzuki in the Moto Gp 2015 world championship, providing the tests go well. No riders have been confirmed to of signed a deal with Suzuki as of yet but we will inform you of the situation as more is announced.

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