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White Mercedes DAB

Mercedes launch the brand new CLS model for 2014

In some of the latest vehicle release news today to make it’s way out of the German car company known as Mercedes, we are delighted to report on one of the latest releases from the mass manufacturer which is available to purchase right now from selected Mercedes dealerships around the UK and it makes it’s […]

Hybrid charging technology

Suzuki Swift upgraded

Car manufacturers, Suzuki, have recently upgraded their Swift models for the 2015 model year, with the cars receiving a number of minor updates to boost it’s standard specification in an effort to keep up with competitors such as the Ford Fiesta and the Renault Clio. These include new technology, a revised engine range and new […]


The Volvo V60 Hybrid R set to launch here in the UK

In some upcoming vehicle release news today to makes its way out of the well established car brand Volvo, we are pleased to inform you of one of the upcoming vehicle launches to be made available here in the UK and across other parts of the world too the V60 Hybrid R.

Ford Fiesta - Side on

Ford ready to debut the all new 2014 Mondeo

In some upcoming vehicle release news today, we have our sights set on the American car manufacturer known as Ford and their all new Mondeo model which is set for a debut throughout Autumn of this year. The Ford Mondeo was originally revealed to the general public and media alike a number of years ago […]

Will your Gap Insurance Policy cover theft with use of the Keys?

The Jeep Cherokee Diesel set for a launch

In some upcoming vehicle release news today to make its way out of the well known car company known as Jeep who are famous for their line up of SUV models,we are pleased to report on one of the upcoming vehicle launches which comes your way in the form of the brand new Cherokee Diesel […]


Volkswagen, depreciation and cheap car insurance

Volkswagen cars are designed and built to keep depreciation down and achieve the lowest possible insurance costs. Car insurance is an expensive necessity and depreciation is an expensive cost when it comes to owning a vehicle.   What is depreciation and how are Volkswagen keeping it down?   Depreciation is the term used to describe […]

Thieves steal luxury cars from airport

Thieves steal luxury cars from airport

Prosecutors at Reading Crown Court have heard how a gang of thieves used ‘key cloning’ technology and sophisticated tracker devices to steal luxury cars parked in airport car parks.   How did the thieves steal the cars from the airport?   The high tech criminals allegedly gained access to Luton Airport’s ‘Stress-Free’ car park through […]

Range Rover Sport RS

2015 Range Rover Sport RS

After almost a whole a year since Jaguar Land Rover‘s first prototype 2015 Range Rover Sport RS model was spotted, a new RS prototype has been seen in testing with a possible public debut to be made later this year.   The new 2015 Range Rover Sport RS is being tested with it’s sibling the […]

Volvo's new safety technology

Volvo new driving sensing technology

Volvo are well known for their obsession with vehicle safety, making new innovations such as their Side Impact Protection System and their recent safety technology. Now they have moved their focus onto one of the main causes of accidents which is driver alertness. All the new clever technology being created won’t stop a car from […]


Volkswagen wants collaboration with IT industries

German automaker, Volkswagen‘s CEO says that IT and car industries should work together on connected and autonomous cars and ensure that there is privacy protection for users.   Volkswagen CEO, Martin Winkerhorn, has called for greater collaboration between the auto and IT industries and a voluntary agreement from car manufacturers as connected and driverless cars […]

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