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White Mercedes DAB

The brand new Mercedes C220 Blue Tec model goes on sale

In some of the latest vehicle release news today to make it’s way out of the German car company known as Mercedes, we are pleased to report on the grand launch of the all new C220 Blue Tec model which has recently gone on sale here in the United Kingdom and across other parts of […]

Volkswagen Budget Brand 2016

Volkswagen Budget Brand It is believed that Volkswagen officials have signed off the production of a new budget brand vehicle that would cost somewhere in the region of £5,000. The model will be built and sold in China along with a new brand name and logo.


Volkswagen, depreciation and cheap car insurance

Volkswagen cars are designed and built to keep depreciation down and achieve the lowest possible insurance costs. Car insurance is an expensive necessity and depreciation is an expensive cost when it comes to owning a vehicle.   What is depreciation and how are Volkswagen keeping it down?   Depreciation is the term used to describe […]

Volkswagen vs Dacia

Volkswagen vs Dacia   It has been rumoured that the Volkswagen firm have been developing their own budget brand for a number of years. However, a number of issues including the balance between production costs and the quality of build.

Mini reveal price list

New Mini Prices   The new Mini Cooper model is due to go on sale tomorrow and just a day before the official prices have been revealed. The Mini One hatchback model is set to be released along with a price of just £13,750 for the model, whilst the Cooper S model will be priced […]


Volkswagen wants collaboration with IT industries

German automaker, Volkswagen‘s CEO says that IT and car industries should work together on connected and autonomous cars and ensure that there is privacy protection for users.   Volkswagen CEO, Martin Winkerhorn, has called for greater collaboration between the auto and IT industries and a voluntary agreement from car manufacturers as connected and driverless cars […]

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