Tesla Model s officialy confirmed for the uk

In a follow up news story today from a little something we posted on earlier in the week, huge company and huge seller from overseas Tesla have officially confirmed that when there European dealerships open up one of their main attractions will consist of the Tesla model S. Tesla have been a huge and popular manufacturer in the car industry, over in America for a number of years now and look to continue the success of their franchise over here in the UK and throughout Europe as well, by introducing its new dealerships in London, Munich and Monaco.

Tesla Model S set to be the companies big seller over here?

Over the years Tesla have manufactured many vehicles in the electronic range across the water in America. Now they look to continue their big selling range with the introduction in the UK and Europe of the model S. There are a few neat specs and features that we believe could make the model S the big seller here that it is overseas. Some of these features include: Its engine is capable of going from 0 to 60 in just 5.4 seconds which is exceptional for an electronic vehicle, with a 125 miles per hour top speed. The S uses a 240 volt outlet to charge the battery which on a full charge the consumer will get roughly 310 miles out of its 85kw battery.It has lightweight front suspension and power steering. A few of the cool tech features and gadgets of the Tesla model S vehicle are also it’s ; All glass panoramic roof and its 17 inch touch screen navigation system. Emissions are hugely saved on the line of vehicle as well due to the fact that as an electric car it comes complete with no tail pipe.

What can you as the consumer expect to Pay for the new Tesla and when?

In good news for current Tesla consumers or soon to be Tesla consumers we can report that it has been officially confirmed from Tesla themselves that when the model S is released over here it will come at a mouth watering price from £49,000 upwards just for the basic car.  Surprisingly now that Tesla has officially opened up its first UK store in London, the model S will have to wait for European arrivals and launches until the end of March 2014 at it’s earliest, as confirmed by the head of Tesla.

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