The Alfa Romeo Mito goes on sale here in the UK


In some of the latest car industry news today to make its way out of the Italian car manufacturing company known as Alfa Romeo, we are pleased to report on one of the latest releases for the brand which comes your way in the shape and form of the all new Mito model which has previously been released onto our streets here in the UK and across other parts of the world too. Over the course of the brands existence, Alfa Romeo have certainly proven to be a big leader in the car world when it comes to both sports and family style vehicles. What is it about this all new Mito addition to the range though that makes it stand out above the rest and why should you make the investment into this brand new model over anything else currently available on both the new and used car market ?.

What makes the Alfa Romeo Mito something special ?

So with that being said what is it that makes this model stand out over anything else currently available on our roads and why do we think that this Mito model could very well rival other car brands such as the likes of,Audi,Nissan and Vauxhall ?. Well firstly we see the warmly welcomed additions of, a 0.9 litre,two cylinder, petrol engine that produces 104 units of brake horse power overall and will therefore take the leap from zero to 62 miles per hour in times of just 11.4 seconds. Overall we see the top speed of the vehicle hit out at 114 mph. The model comes in a four wheel drive variant and also comes fully fitted with a six speed,manual transmission system as standard.

In regards to some of the key selling points of the vehicle in our opinion and what we believe to be some of the standout points of the vehicle overall, we see this Alfa Romeo model come with, 18 inch alloy wheels,a multi functioning steering wheel and wireless Bluetooth connectivity also comes as part of the package too.

What is the selling price for the Alfa Romeo Mito ?

Well we are pleased to report that, you can make the investment into this brand new Alfa Romeo Mito model right now from your closest dealerships here in the UK and, you can make the purchase on your brand new Alfa Romeo model right now for a cost of £16,300.

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