The BMW X1 is revealed


In some news today coming directly out of the German car company known as BMW,  who also own popular brand Mini, we are happy to report on the latest news that, the Detroit motor show recently has become the home of the official unveilment of the brands all new, X1 model that was revealed earlier on today. Over the course of the German mass manufacturer’s existence in the car industry, they have become world renowned for some of their big selling models such as models from the 2 series and 3 amongst many more, but perhaps this upgraded BMW SUV X1 could prove to be one of the biggest and most popular of all time ? .


What you should know about the BMW X1

In terms of specs,techs,gadgets and features, we believe that this particular model could top anything the BMW brand has prevously done before, during the time of their existence. If all of the hype and aniticpation is anything to go by, we are quite certain that this could be a top contending model, against that of the likes of other SUV models from rival brands such as,Mercedes,Ford and Porsche. So what do we know regarding the new BMW X1 ?. Well firstly we see the welcome inclusion of a, 2.0 litre, diesel power-train, which has been rumored to carry anywhere from, 118 units of brake horse power up to, 218 units of brake horse power. There will however be a petrol version of the model to go on sale as well, which is stated by the brands owner’s to, carry a total of 184 units of brake horse power. In terms of the look and design aspect of this particular model, it pretty much looks exactly the same as the original BMW model, but with all of the main changes coming from inside the vehicle and its engines.


Although there is however a few noticable changes to the exterior of the car which come in the shape and the form of the, Daytime running lights,a lower air intake grille and 17 inch alloy wheels. An optional extra on the new tweaked X1 is the satelite nevigation system, that comes complete with Internet features, which will be able to download apps and smartphone features. Nothing else was officially announced regarding the model, but we should expect to hear more within the upcoming months.


How much will the upgraded BMW X1 set you back ?

In terms of a pricing structure on this particular model, it has been confirmed by the German company owners, that this specific model, will go on sale here in the United Kingdom in your nearest selling dealership from a price of £25,755 and ranging upwards to a maximum of £35,100 depending on optional extra features and add ons. In terms of a release time ?. Expect to see the BMW X1 in dealerhship’s worlwide from,around spring time next year.

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