The changing face of the UK car scene

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If you think back even a short decade or two, then the face of the UK car market has changed immeasurably in that time. Would you have bought a Kia, Hyundai, Seat or Skoda in 1993? Possibly, but you would not have expected them to be the quality offerings they are today. These vehicle manufacturers now offer fantastic build quality, and every more impressive warranty and reliability for these vehicles in 2013.

The motor dealer showroom landscape has changed somewhat also. Back in the 1980′s you would find a Mini amongst a range of British Leyland cars including Allegro’s, Mini Metro’s and even Triumph MGB’s. Today Mini is owned by BMW, and have gained a new popularity amongst those who seek an individual style, but also the reliability afforded by the German manufacturing giant.

Your experience in the motor dealers may well have changed also. In 2013 the ‘buying experience’ is filled with PCP Finance packages, Paint and Fabric Protection and Gap Insurance promotions. A recent survey has even indicated that you are less likely to be offered a test drive these days also.

Who would have thought that the likes of Nissan would provide one of the top ten selling vehicles in the UK?

Who would have thought that a BMW 3 series would become so mainstream that it also consistently appears in the top 10 sellers also?

Of course some things never change, with the likes of Volkswagen and Honda providing huge confidence with their reliability factor. Mixed in with this are a range of hybrid and electric cars, hugely efficient smaller engines, and how good are today’s diesel engines compared to then past>

The world of car buying has certainly changed in the last 20 years, and in most cases certainly for the better.

Anyone fancy a Lada or a Yugo?




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