The Fiat 500l is coming your way

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In some news today coming out out the global car industry and,European car maker’s  Fiat, we are excited to report on the latest breaking news regarding the all new 500l model that is set to launch here in the UK and across other parts of the world throughout the duration of May this year and could prove to be one of the biggest and best selling vehicles from Fiat’s history which includes the likes of huge selling car’s the Panda and Punto. The debut of the vehicle which is set to launch this May comes in a similar sort of style to that of the, Citroen C3 in terms of body layout and design features but, whether or not the model will be just as popular as the C3 remains to be seen as of yet.

What went into the manufacturing process of the Fiat 500l ?

In terms of making a great all round vehicle, which includes the likes of a good power aspect,handling and comfort, Fiat have been very good over the years, as we stated the Punto and Panda have been some of the best for Fiat over recent history. So what has gone into this all new 500l to make it stand out above the rest ?. Well firstly we see the welcome inclusion of,a 1.4 litre, four cylinder,turbo engine that in total carries,158 units of brake horse power and is reported to make the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a time of just,8.5 seconds. It was confirmed by Fiat also that the model will cap top speeds at 125 miles per hour. The vehicle comes in only a front wheel drive format but, it does come complete with a, manual six speed transmission system as part of the package also.

In regards to some of the more noticeable features at first glance and, some thing we believe could be potentially the main selling points of this car, we see these come in the shape and form of,dual zone climate control being included during it’s time on the production line. Cruise control,16 inch alloy wheels and,a five inch, built in colour touchscreen that is placed neatly into the dashboard of the Fiat 500.With all of these quality combinations we believe that the 500l could be an easy contender for the likes of Peugeot and Ford.

How much will the Fiat 500l set you back ?

Before we dive into the price tag on the all new Fiat addition let’s take a look at an official launch. Firstly we are happy to report that you can officially purchase yours at some point throughout May of this year, and you can expect to invest into your all new Fiat 500l at a cost of £17,400.


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