The Hyundai i10 set for launch this month

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In some news today coming out of the South Korean car company, Hyundai, we are pleased to report that we are officially in January, and are very much looking forward to the official launch of the brand new Hyundai i10 model nearly ready for release this month. It could be set to be one of the biggest and best selling vehicles for the brand over recent history, as it has been rumored that this specific model could very well be, one of the most eco friendly cars to be made available in the global car consuming world ahead of it’s official launch, and could potentially even rival some Electronic cars.  The fight to be top of the food chain in the car world is indeed fierce, and many brand’s are now also fighting to have one of the best Eco vehicles available on the road, brands from the likes of Ford, right the way upto Renault, amongst many many more.


What we know so far about the Hyundai i10

Well first and foremost the look and design layout of the latest addition to the Hyundai range. When you have your first glance at this particular car, in terms of it’s look and design layout, we believe that it looks similar to that of the Yaris model that is currently available on the market from top brand Toyota. The screenshots of the car originally shown it to have a basic color of,silver with black panels, but we do expect more to be available ahead of the time of purchase when the car goes on sale. In regards to the engine and performance aspect of the car, we see the engine come in the form of , two petrol engines being available,which fully include,1.0 litre, three cylinder which in total carries,just 65 units of brake horse power. The second being, 1.2 litre, petrol engine,that carries a slightly larger,85 units of brake horse power. For a better aspect take a look at the Kia,Picanto which shares the same engine.


There are however three different packages you can choose from ahead of the time of purchase on the vehicle, but the majority of these performance packages come fully featured with the likes of, central locking,electric windows,daytime running lights and an adjustable steering wheel. The higher package offers,electric rear windows,heated door mirrors and the option of,an automatic gearbox. The highest spec model however comes complete with,14 inch alloy wheels, wireless Bluetooth connectivity and steering wheel controls.


Pricing and release time on the all new Hyundai i10

Firstly in terms of a release date, we are excited to report that the all new Hyundai i10 will be available in your nearest participating dealership throughout the course of this month and, you can expect to make the investment into this all new Hyundai i10 model for a cost beginning at £8,345 and ranging up to £10,495.

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