The new BMW electric range

BMW i3 Electric car is revealed


We are pleased to announce that BMW have revealed their new BMW i3 electric car. It is reported that the i3 is one of the most eagerly awaited electric cars to be manufactured since 2011. Pictures have been released online of the i3 including its design and interior and plenty of neat new gadgets for the vehicle. This smooth and silent new addition from the German manufacturer is designed to bring in a lot of interest into the electric range of vehicles.


Lets take a look at the specs and gadgets in the BMW i3

We at EasyGapInsurance have been paying close attention to the latest models and additions to the UK Car Market with our most recent feature being the Vauxhall Astra.

The BMW i3 is a luxurious four seater with rear wheel drive 50:50 front to rear weight distribution. It comes complete with lightweight aluminium carbon fibre components making it lighter and more agile than previous vehicles from BMW and is capable of reaching speeds of 0-62mph within 7.2 seconds all carried by its 19 inch alloy wheels. Its LED lights are designed to run during the daytime and its gear selector within the car itself is located neatly behind the steering wheel.


We believe that three of the BMW i3 top gadgets included are: Its bluetooth connectivity allowing you to access your smartphone apps and services, its satellite navigation system and last but not least the BMW i3 has a smartphone app that will guide you via public transport options.


How much will the BMW i3 cost and when is it released to the public?


BMW has officially confirmed the i3 will be officially launched and released to the public on 16th november 2013 from various retailers. At a price of £25,680 or there is a finance option available for the electrically powered BMW i3 at the cost of £369 over the space of 36 months along with a deposit of £2,995.

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