The new Formula 1

Valentino Rossi

The new Formula 1


With the amount of changes being made in the sport it has been dubbed as being the new Formula 1. The sport has grown with stability and a limitation on the changes of technical rules, however, this time round it has been given a serious shake up.


Amongst the number of changes on the models, the engine change has been the biggest. Similar to the worlds automotive market, the sport of Formula 1 have also made changes to reduce emissions. Last year, the Formula 1 models were powered by the 2.4 litre V8 engines and this year they have been traded in for the 1.6 litre turbocharged V6 engine along with two very complex energy recovering systems.


 Formula 1 Engine Changes


The new powertrain and engine combination have given Formula 1 teams a number of challenges before the season and yesterday in the seasons opener. It has given the sport a new edge and a certain unpredictability which is said to entertain fans.


Last year, the Formula 1 sport and season was described as being one of the most boring and unwatched seasons of the sport for a number of years. Red Bull and driver Sebastian Vettel stormed to their fourth consecutive drivers and constructors championship.


In the seasons opener yesterday, Red Bull Renault and Sebastian Vettel had a day at the office to forget. Sebastian Vettel reported to the team the car simply had no drive by the 3rd lap and retired from the race after just 5 laps. On the other hand, team mate Daniel Ricciardo finished second in the race.


Similar to the story at Red Bull, Mercedes won the race with driver Nico Rosberg, on the other hand, team mate Lewis Hamilton was forced to retire after just three laps with rumours of a similar problem to that of Sebastian Vettel.


The exciting start to the season is expected to continue as a number of new tracks and point changes will allow the Formula 1 sport to keep excitement at the highest level for as long as they can.

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