The ongoing battle between Toyota and Honda

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The ongoing battle between Toyota and Honda


The battle to become the biggest brand within the Japanese car market seems to be as big as that in the German, as the likes of Toyota, Honda and Nissan go head to head. Toyota seem to have the advantage but since the recent slip in both production and recall standards, the brand have let in the likes of Nissan and Honda to close the gap.


Honda have recently announced a number of new models including a new mid engined sports car range which will see the middle of the range model go head to head with the Toyota GT86. The new mid engined model at Honda will rival the Toyota GT86 model with both price and size.


Nissan have recently closed the gap up to the leading brand with sales of the Qashqai and the Juke across Europe giving them the vital market share. However, possibly the most important advantage that Nissan has over the Toyota brand is the development in the electric car market.


 The developments at Toyota


Nissan has led the way in the electric car market for approximately 12 months now and currently account for approximately 30% of overall sales across the globe. The Nissan Leaf model has gone from strength to strength and is currently in the upgrade stage of processes as the model awaits arrivals from the likes of BMW.


The Toyota name and brand has been associated with the Hybrid developments over the past decade and even the electrical developments and more recently the self driving car alongside Google. However, in terms of the electric car, Nissan and other manufacturer such as BMW seem to have got the jump on the Japanese brand.


Toyota have responded to more the success of the Renault Twizy model than the Leaf, having developed an urban based model to rival the Twizy. The Japanese brand has built the new Toyota  i-Road model which is currently being tested within Japanese cities and will make its way across to Europe to again be tested.

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