The Toyota Aygo automatic on sale this July


In some upcoming vehicle release news today to make it’s way out of the Japanese owned Toyota, we are pleased to report on the official launch of the brand new Aygo Automatic model which is all set for a grand debut here in the UK and across other parts of the world too from July of this year.

Over the years Toyota have certainly asserted themselves as one of the most dominant car brands around the world and have had many big sellers on their hands over the years. Some of these models include the likes of, the Yaris and Rav 4 but, perhaps none finer than this all new Aygo automatic model which in our opinion certainly has the potential to go on and perhaps be one of the best sellers the mass manufacturer has ever had.

The key features and selling points of the Toyota Aygo Automatic

So what has gone into this particular Toyota model during it’s time on the production line to make it stand out as one of the mass manufacturer’s most prestigious vehicles yet ?. Well firstly with a look into the Toyota Aygo automatic model engine and performance rates, we see the inclusion of a,1.0 litre,three cylinder engine that overall produces top speeds of 99 miles per hour with the 0 to 62 miles per hour sprint taking a time of 14.2 seconds. The model is only available as a front wheel drive vehicle but does also come fully fitted with a five speed,manual transmission system as standard.

Other features of this car that we think could very well be some key selling points include the likes of, a multi functioning steering wheel,a keyless start system,a set of 15 inch alloy wheels and to top it all off there is the option of a built in touch screen. With that in mind we see the Aygo automatic as a strong potential rival for other city cars like, the Renault Twingo, Kia Rio and Citroen C1.

The Toyota Aygo automatic and price and launch

We are firstly pleased to inform you as stated that, the Toyota Aygo Automatic is available from purchase from July of this year. In regards to the price tag that comes along with this brand new model, expect to make the investment on a brand new Toyota Aygo automatic for a cost of £9,000.

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