The UK Car Production

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The UK Car Production


UK Car Production has increased by a massive 9.9% compared to last September. The likes of Nissan Sunderland has become one of the largest car production plants within the UK having set records in 2012 for producing over 500,000 models.


Since last September, the last 12 months has been the highest rolling 12 months of production since October 2008. As well as production, the number of cars built for exportation has also risen by a massive 9.3 %.


This is thought to be because of the rise in demand within the Chinese car market. Brands such as Jaguar and Range Rover has seen demand for car models such as the Range Rover Evoque go through the roof in the emerging car market that is the Chinese car market. Other manufacturers such as Kia have also seen a rise in demand on emerging markets such as the US.


Many manufacturers have since used the Jaguar Land Rover brand as an example for a method of dealing with the effects of the European car market. The European Car Market has been the thorn in the side of many manufacturers including the likes of Peugeot and Citroen as sales along with demand just disappeared.


The Nissan brand stated that the Sunderland brand within the North East became the central hub for all things exported within Europe. The plans that the Japanese car manufacturer have released for the plant within the North East have reiterated the future for workers and jobs.


Nissan have announced plans to invest heavily in the site following the addition of newly produced Infiniti models. Nissan have decided to increase the site and add jobs to the manufacturing facility rather than to scrap the production of models such as the Nissan Leaf. The Japanese manufacturer has recently started producing the new Nissan Leaf updated model to combat the arrival of rival manufacturers.

 The future of UK car production

The new Infiniti models will hopefully catch the eye of the UK and will be working closely with the Red Bull Racing team in bringing the brand to the forefront of luxury car manufacturers.

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