The Urban Tabby the flat pack car

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Ever wanted to build your own car? An Italian design firm have made this possible through a project which was first made public in October 2013 in the form of the Tabby. OSVehicle have created an experimental flat pack vehicle that consumers can assemble themselves in an effort to make it possible for anyone to create a vehicle that suits them best. The vehicle has been named the Urban Tabby and the company claims it can be assembled in less than an hour. A demo-video released by the group shows their team constructing it in only 41 minutes though it is likely to take longer for the average person to build.

The vehicle is designed to be assembled into various different configurations. A basic two-seater can be built from the available kit and customers can choose to fit their creations with an engine of their choosing. Making the Urban Tabby capable of becoming an electric, hybrid or traditional petrol model, therefore matching a similar sort of technique to something of the Toyota Hybrid or, petrol engines from the likes of Ford and other popular brands like,Vauxhall.

 Using this method, practically anyone will be able to create his or her own personalized vehicle: manufacturers, automotive companies, designers, makers and enthusiasts. The basic underpinnings are flexible enough to allow for extra seating or altered body designs meaning the Tabby can be made longer and shorter to create vehicles with 2 or 4 seats or increase it’s cargo capacity. The company described the designs as providing an “industrialisable, production ready, versatile, universal chassis” rather than a finished product.

  How do you get an Urban Tabby?

Blueprints and designs are available from the company’s website with users being encouraged to download and alter plans in an open source environment. For those who do use the flat pack vehicle, there is a specially created website that makes it easier for amateur mechanics to upload their own designs for other customers to replicate. Users simply download files, modify them accordingly, upload them to the site and then gain feedback from a forum of enthusiasts.


OSVehicle hopes the first kits will be sold in the spring, although the plans are available now for anyone brave enough to manufacture their own parts and built in themselves. So far designs have included vehicles with 2 or 3 wheels, city cars, golf carts, street food vehicles and off-road explorers. There is also the choice to order the Urban Tabby ready made for around £3,500 in a two or four-seat variant.

Comments on the flat pack Tabby car

A spokesperson for OSVehicle commented, “Tabby is the first open source framework for the creation of vehicles. It has been defined as the “Ikea Car” and is a versatile platform that can be used to bootstrap businesses, to create your own vehicle, for education purposes and much more.”

Francisco Liu and Ampelio Macchi, who are developing the OSVehicle, commented, “It is a universal chassis that can be assembled in less than 60 minutes, can accommodate 2 to 4 passengers, and is compatible with all types of engines, including electric and hybrid ones. One of the main features of Tabby is that it can be assembled in less than one hour. It comes flat packed in easily transportable crates and doesn’t need special tools for assembly.”

 OSVehicle’s company executives say that the flat pack Urban Tabby vehicle is completely road legal and will happily reach speeds of around 55mph.

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