Thieves steal luxury cars from airport

Thieves steal luxury cars from airport

Prosecutors at Reading Crown Court have heard how a gang of thieves used ‘key cloning’ technology and sophisticated tracker devices to steal luxury cars parked in airport car parks.


How did the thieves steal the cars from the airport?


The high tech criminals allegedly gained access to Luton Airport’s ‘Stress-Free’ car park through an unidentified valet insider, where they would subsequently ‘clone’ contactless keys with sophisticated computer software and install a small tracker device. Through this, they could then track the vehicles which included Range Rovers, Bentleys and a McLaren, and steal them without detection at a later date. Generally, the gang stole cars worth between £50,000 pounds and £70,000 but their haul also included vehicle’s worth ‘considerably’ more.


Neil Moore opened the case, telling the jury that, “Essentially those involved found a way to make another key to the car, unbeknown to the owner, which enabled them to drive away in the car at any time they wanted to, without any damage or any alarms to sound.”


The organised gang of car thieves led by ‘main man’ Khalid Mahmood, also targeted hire cars and focused on vehicles brought to alleged accomplice Andrew Murray’s bodyshop for repairs.


This further scam, involved minor damage being inflicted on desirable vehicles and than a recommended repairer being suggested, who made a cloned copy of the vehicle’s key.


How where the thieves caught?


The group was caught out when police carried out a covert operation using a ‘Trojan’ car to ensnare the criminals. A female officer brought a deliberately damaged Range Rover to Andrew Murray’s BHP bodyshop that was fitted with covert recording devices. According to the prosecution, the car was missing parts of the recording equipment when it was returned and one of the keys to the vehicle no longer worked.


According to The Telegraph, the prosecutor stated that, “The prosecution’s explanation is whilst at Mr Murray’s place, a third key had been made ready for it to be stolen later. However, almost certainly when the tracking device was being fitted the covert device fitted by the police, or part of it, was found. Realising at that stage that it was a Trojan car sent to spy on them, the conspirators removed the police recording equipment. Unfortunately for them recordings were still being monitored and retained.”


Alleged accomplices Ghulan Butt, aged 27 years, of Maple Crescent, Slough, Berks, Amran Iqbal, aged 38 years, of Derby Road, Beeston, Notts., Irfan Rehman, aged 40 years, of Belmont Road, Luton, Beds., Murray, aged 50 years, of Bannard Road, Maidenhead, Berks. and Clausen, aged 27 years, of Howards Gate, Farnham Royal, Bucks., deny all the charges against them.


We’ll keep you updated on the car thieves case as it continues.

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