Do you understand the insurance implications of driving your car under the influence?

Please do not Drink Drive in Your Car!

According to a recent study of car insurance applications we still have not learnt the lessons about driving our cars while under the influence.

Money Super market analysed over 14 million car insurance applications from the last year and has produced a list of areas that have a driving driving issue.

There are some surprise results with the Yorkshire town of Harrogate topping the list and two Welsh towns Swansea and Cardiff both featuring in the top ten.

This is a stark reminder of the implications are driving your car or van while under the influence.

 During the festive time we all need to make sure that we totally appreciate that the issue can have far reaching implications. The report also comes at a time when many local authorities are planning to instigate the annual holiday season anti-drink-drive campaign.  All aimed to take the problem head on and in a bid to deter the number of people getting behind the wheel after having consumed alcohol.

South Wales Police assistant chief constable Richard Lewis is reported to have said : “Our message to drivers is that the smallest amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive safely, so the only safe option is to not drink at all. It is also important to remember that a drink you enjoy in the evening can leave you over the limit when driving your car the next morning, as alcohol stays in the system for many hours after you stop. We urge the public to contact the police if they are aware of anyone drinking and driving. That phone call could save a life this Christmas.”

In Wales alone last year the police force tested 27,744 motorists as part of a year long campaign with a staggering 2 % of tests being positive.

A spokes person for The Institute of Advanced Motorists, is reported to have said: “It’s interesting who comes out top. Nearly all the top jobs are scaffolder’s, roofers — they’re these kind of activities. This is probably because these are the kind of people who drive a lot for their job because they are in a different place every day.”

With this in mind we would urge all car and van drivers to remember that even if you take precautions to ensure that you are not driving alcohol can stay in your system for any hours and therefore still affect how you drive even the morning after.

Please also remember that when it comes to car gap insurance if your own motor insurance will not pay out as it accident happens while you where drink-diving then your gap insurance will not be able to either!

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