Types of Gap Insurance

Why are there so many different types of gap insurance?

There are different types of gap insurance simply because we are all different and what different things.

After all we all choose different makes of vehicles, different models and even different trim levels. Remember what is important to me may mean absolutely nothing to you.  For this reason we believe that the one size fits all mentality of main dealership is not always the best solution.

When you buy gap insurance online you will now have more choice as with Aequitas we are proud to have the largest portfolio under one roof in the UK. More choice means more flexibility in how you choose to protect yourself with gap insurance.

So rather than taking a policy and making your needs fit around it lets flip it over and take your needs and find a policy that suits you. With this in mind why not take a step back for a few minutes and think about exactly what you would like your gap insurance policy to do for you when your vehicle is written off.

After all if you already know exactly what will happens there can never be any surprises.

So before you consider any form of gap insurance epically for a new car why not first check with your own insurance if they offer you new for old within the 1st 12 months of your vehicles life time. If they do and you are happy with their terms and conditions then in some cases you can save even more when you buy on line by buying a deferred policy. Hold on to that thought we will come back to it later.( deferred Gap insurance section)

Why are there different types of Gap insurance?

Why are there different types of Gap insurance?

Ok now lets think about what aspect you want your gap insurance policy to protect your from.

This could be for example simply the outstanding rentals or finance?

Would you like it to top you back up to the invoice price?

Would you prefer it to top you back you to the amount you would need to spend to buy another vehicle the same age, mileage and condition as yours was on the day your first bought it even if the price has gone up?

Believe it or not you have now decided which level of gap insurance you want and which is best for you, we said it was easy!

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