Motorbike Gap Insurance

Motorbike Gap Insurance can be a difficult form of Gap Insurance to find in the UK today. This is because a motorbike represents a ‘high risk’ senario to an insurance underwriter, particularly where Gap Insurance is concerned. If an insurance claim is made on a motorcycle, then it is a distinct possibility that a ‘total loss’ can result. If you are looking for Motorbike Gap Insurance to protect againsy financial loss under these circumstances,  Aequitas Automotive Ltd have a range of possible solutions.

Which Motorbike Gap Insurance?

Your choice of motorbike gap insurance falls into four basic types:

Finance Motorbike Gap Insurance – this will cover between the motorbike market value, and the amount required to settle a loan against the motorcycle. Other forms of ‘Finance Gap Insurance’ would be Negative Equity Finance Gap Insurance and Contract Hire Gap Insurance.

Return to Invoice Motorbike Gap Insurance – will cover between the motorbike market value and the original invoice price you paid for the motorcycle.

Vehicle Replacement Motorbike Gap Insurance – will cover between the vehicle market value and the cost of the equivalent replacement motorcycle, even if this is higher than you original price you paid.

Agreed Value Motorbike Gap Insurance – will cover between the motorbike market value and the value of the motorbike on the day you bought the policy.

Choices in Motorbike Gap Insurance

As we have pointed out previously, there are differences between the motorbike gap insurance policies offered by EasyGap and GapInsurance123.

The policies are underwritten by different insurers, who offer slightly different terms and conditions.

EasyGap Motorbike Gap Insurance policies can cover you on a range of different ways. EasyGap provides Finance Gap Insurance, Return to Invoice Gap Insurance and even Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance for motorbikes.

GapInsurance123 Motorbike Gap Insurance policies feature Return to Invoice and Vehicle Replacement Insurance for up to five years. All policies are equivalent to those offered for cars and vans, with no premium uplift.

Motorbike Gap Insurance as Easy as 1-2-3!


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