Taxi Gap Insurance

Taxi Gap Insurance or Private Hire Gap Insurance is one of the specialist forms of Gap Insurance offered by Aequitas Automotive Ltd. If you have a car you use for private work, it can be subject to higher than average depreciation than a standard vehicle. Clearly this is due to the nature of the work you do, inevitably leading to high mileage and wear and tear on the vehicle. All taxi drivers know that they must have sufficient motor insurance to allow them to do this work legally. However, as Taxi Gap Insurance is not a legal requirement, few even know of its existence, and how it can help them.

Why Taxi Gap Insurance?

Taxi Gap Insurance comes in a few different forms, not just the RTI Gap Insurance cover illustrated above. Whichever type you choose, it is clear that Taxi Gap Insurance can provide cover for you and your business. should the worst happen.

Whether you have bought your Private Hire vehicle on finance or paid cash, the vehicle will lose money, and you would have to replace it. Taxi Gap Insurance can help you do this.

Differences in Taxi Gap Insurance

Both the EasyGap and GapInsurance123 websites feature Gap Insurance policies for Private Hire vehicles. However, the approach to the policies are slightly different.

The EasyGap Taxi Gap Insurance policy choice is between two specific and specialist types of cover. Taxi RTI Gap Insurance to protect back to the invoice price, and Taxi Finance Gap Insurance to protect any shortfall on the finance agreement.

The choice of GapInsurance123 Taxi Gap Insurance is a little different. If you choose the ‘taxi’ use option on the quote system, you will be offered the appropriate standard Gap Insurance policies with a ‘Taxi’ use option. So that means that you can choose from Finance Gap Insurance, Return to Invoice Gap Insurance, Vehicle Replacement Insurance and Agreed Value Gap Insurance all for your private hire vehicle.

Taxi Gap Insurance as Easy as 1-2-3!

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