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Nissan Juke Update


The Nissan Juke model is one of the best selling models in the crossover market today. It is argued that the Nissan Juke along with the Qashqai are two of the biggest influences on the crossover market and may even be responsible for the existence of such a market.


The first Juke model entered the UK in 2011 and has featured in the top best selling cars since that date. It was announced last year that the Japanese manufacturer, Nissan would be updating the very successful Juke model for the year of 2014.


It was also announced that the Nissan brand would be teaming up with its own performance arm Nismo in an attempt to make the model appeal to the younger generation and give the model more of a sporty feel.

 Nissan and Nismo

The Nismo model will be released alongside the second generation Juke model and will increase the the bhp from 197bhp to 212bhp respectively as well as reducing the 0-62mph time to just 7.5 seconds.


The model is set to make an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show next week and has only released teaser images of the final production model. A whole host of manufacturers will be very much interested in the latest developments on the Nissan Juke as well as once again monitoring the rivals sales figures.


As 2012 turned to 2013, a number of manufacturers including Ford, Kia and Vauxhall added crossover rivals into the market. Other manufacturers such as Volkswagen decided to wait until it was necessary to add models to the crossover market. Volkswagen have recently announced that they will be releasing a CrossPolo model.


The model will basically be an enlarged Polo model that will take on the look of a typical off road vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show next week. The Geneva Motor Show promises to be one of the most exciting automotive shows this year as a number of exciting models including the Nissan Juke, VW CrossPolo and BMW M models will be on show.

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