Vauxhall launch the all new Meriva model for 2014

Vauxhall Astra

In some car industry news today making its way out of the well known and loved car manufacturer known as Vauxhall, we are pleased to report on one of the latest releases from the brand which comes in the form of the all new Meriva model which has recently been launched onto our roads here in the Britain and across other parts of the world too.Over the years,Vauxhall have developed many great vehicles and have confirmed that they know how to manufacturer the perfect all round vehicle and this has certainly been demonstrated by such models from the company as, the Corsa,Astra and Insignia but perhaps this new small compact machine from the brand could be what the general public are looking for these days which could very well be the case causing for a huge increase in sales for this brand new Meriva model.


What can you expect to receive with your Vauxhall Meriva ?

So with that being said, if a smaller more compact vehicle is what people are looking for these days we believe that the perfect combination of key elements that have gone into this all new Vauxhall Meriva during its time on the production line could very well prove to be a huge hit for Vauxhall and an all round bonus for car fans around the world. This in our opinion is definatley demonstrated by the addition of, a 1.6 litre,four cylinder, turbo diesel engine that in total will produce power of,134bhp and will therefore make the dash from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a time of just 9.9 seconds. Overall the Meriva will hit top speeds all round of 122 miles per hour. The vehicle comes in only a front wheel drive format but, we can confirm that the model also comes fully fitted with a six speed,manual transmission system.


In regards to some of the changes that have been made to this model compared to what the original Meriva consisted off, we see these all new changes come as,an all new re designed front bumper, a brand new grille similar to that on the Insignia and,an all new seven inch touch screen located in the interior of the model itself. With these perfect attributes combined we believe that this model could even rival similar models from brands such as the likes of, Peugeot,Citroen and Renault.


What is the going price for a Vauxhall Meriva 2014 model ?

Firstly we are pleased to announce that, you can officially make the investment into one of these brand new Meriva models right now from your nearest Vauxhall dealership and, you can expect to invest into a brand new Vauxhall Meriva at a cost of £19,340.

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