Vauxhall Mokka

Vauxhall ’s eagerly awaited new compact sports utility vehicle is almost here.

Vauxhalls new SUV is scheduled to be available late this year and will be priced from a modest £16995 to £23490.

The Vauxhall Mokka will be going into direct competition with a formidable list of competitors including the

  1. Skoda
  2. Nissan
  3. Ford
  4. Toyota
  5. Volkswagen

Vauxhalls’s new  Mokka will be launched in just three trim levels the  S, Exclusive and SE.

Vauxahlls have never been afraid of packing their cars with loads and loads of specification and the standard levels with include all the normal toys we have got used to as well as

  1. digital media broadcast radio
  2. air conditioning
  3. Vauxhall’s  descent control system
  4. cruise control
  5. multi-function trip computer.

On launch day there will be just three engines

  1. 1.4-litre petrol
  2. 1.6-litre petrol
  3. 1.3-litre diesel.

Just like the Skoda Yeti Vauxhalls customers will be able to pick a two a and four wheel drive version thus allowing customers more flexibility in their driving needs.

Vauxhall dealerships will already be accepting advanced orders for the Mokka which is likely to mean that customers who wait for the official launch in November may have a long wait.



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