Vauxhall’s New Adam the A segement fight is on!

Vauxhall‘s have at last released pictures of the new A segment vehicle the Adam to wet our appetite ahead of its launch in January 2013.

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The new cute and cuddly Adam will hope to tap into and compete with the

  • Fiat 500
  • Citroen DS3
  • Mini


In fact Vauxhall are giving us over a million customisation options so that we will be able to truly build and design our own car.

With  funky LED daytime running lights we will be able to choose from the uber cool trim  levels aptly named

  • Jam – Funky & Bright
  • Glam – Sophisticated
  • Slam – Racy

Vauxhall have planned to reveal the new Adam at the Paris motor show later this year with cars scheduled for the UK arriving early January 2013.

So what type of performance with the new Vauxhall offer?

We will be able to choose between two petrol engines a 1.2 and 1.4 with a 68 bhp or 85 bhp engine ( 1.4 has an  BHP option which will take performance to a healthy 98 bhp.) At the moment this will only be available as a 5 speed manual gear box.

Mark Adams the designer said  “No other car in this segment can be individualised as much as Adam because we are offering virtually unlimited exterior/interior colour, fabric and kit combination choices. It’s very unlikely that you’ll find two identical Adams out there.

This extensive range of flexibility has not mean that other specifications have been compromised as the Vauxhall Adam will also be the very first of the Vauxhall range to offer the Park Assist system as an option as well as ESP as standard.

Although prices have not been confirmed industry experts anticipate the car the be launch in and around the £9,000 mark. That is over £1000 cheaper than a Fiat 500 and nearly £3000 cheaper than the entry level Mini.

The Vauxhall Adam is it as cute as the Fiat 500 & Mini only time will tell!

The Vauxhall Adam is it as cute as the Fiat 500 & Mini only time will tell!

So Vauxhall welcome to the arena and now let the battle of the uber cool super minis begin!


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