Volkswagen Budget Brand 2016

Volkswagen Budget Brand

It is believed that Volkswagen officials have signed off the production of a new budget brand vehicle that would cost somewhere in the region of £5,000. The model will be built and sold in China along with a new brand name and logo.

The new Volkswagen budget brand will be scheduled for release in 2016 in the Chinese car market. However, if the model is successful in the Chinese market, it is more than likely going to make the move into markets such as the European car market.

The VW group have tried on numerous occasions to develop a budget brand, but failed on striking the balance between cost of production and a level of quality. However, since the release of the Dacia brand, Volkswagen have announced that they have the ability to provide a range of rival models under a new badge.

The Volkswagen Group

Volkswagen already have a total of 12 marque brands within the umbrella of Volkswagen and the new budget brand will be the 13th. The German firm have announced plans to become the worlds biggest automotive manufacturer by 2018 and surpass the production figures achieved by Japanese rivals, Toyota.

Last year, Toyota also beat the Volkswagen brand to the best selling new car manufacturer for 2013, however, it seems that this year Volkswagen have got the edge on the Toyota brand. Audi have already announced a new record breaking sales quarter and expect to help the VW brand go on to reach the 10 million new car sales.

Audi themselves have overtaken the BMW brand in the luxury car market this year and expect to remain on top with a number of new arrivals. The next generation TT model is due to arrive in the car market later this year and is expected to further the position of both Audi and Volkswagen at the top.

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