Volkswagen do it again!


Volkswagen Group as we all ready know is a true force to be reckoned with, owning brands such as Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Bentley and Skoda. World known for build quality and longevity as well as boasting strong residual values and even winning awards for advertising campaigns.

The good news is that Volkswagen Financial Services ( VWFS ) have now hailed as one of the best compaanies to wiork for in the UK.

Stats where taken from the “Great Places to Work ” survey. According to “The Great Place To Work Institute UK ”  the definition of a great place to work is a place where the employees trust the people they work for, also have pride in what they do,  and have fantastic team spirit, actively enjoying interacting with the people they work with.

The results where is in the most part based on a survey / questionnaire completed by the Volkswagen employees.

The questionnaire asked about such emotive aspects such as

  • credibility,
  • respect,
  • fairness,
  • pride
  • team spirit.

The way in which the Volkswagen group is structured means that they not only got one mention in the top 25 but two. With the financial side ( VWFS ) at number 11 and the Volkswagen group itself at number 25.

This is good new for the Volkswagen group as the motor industry as a whole  and puting the group at the top of the list of motor industry employers.

The results make the Volkswagen Group and VWFS the highest placed automotive employers in the UK, and this is something of which Fiona Roberts, HR director for both companies, is particularly proud.

Other companies entered in the “Great Place to Work” survey where

  • Microsoft,
  • Nike
  • Ikea.

The Uk’s top employer as voted for by their employees was

  •  Admiral,
  • Capital One
  • McDonald’s.

So well done Volkswagen it is now official you not only build fantastic cars, vans, motor homes and other vehicles but are a fantastic employer!

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