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Volkswagen Polo Facelifted


A number of images have been leaked online which seem to show the new face lifted version of the Volkswagen Polo model. The Volkswagen brand themselves announced that the model will be due to be updated this year.


The Volkswagen Polo model is now mid way through the stage of its life time and the update and face lifted model is set to have a number of new features and upgrades added to it. The images online seem to display a number of subtle design changes on the exterior of the model as the new bumpers have a slightly sharper look about them.


Both the front and back of the models have followed the pattern set by previous updates and have become more Golf like rather than reinstating the design of the Polo model. It has also been rumoured that the Up! Model will undergo a number of similar design changes.


Volkswagen are also set to introduce a new Volkswagen Golf R model into the UK Car Market for the year of 2014. The new face lifted Polo model will be hoping to join the Golf model in taking more and more market share from rivals such as Ford and Vauxhall.


Within the UK in the past 18 months, the Volkswagen brand has fell behind the dominance of the pair of US based brands. Ford have been on the top spot consistently with both the Fiesta and the Focus model as followed by General Motors owned Vauxhall with the Astra and the Corsa models.

¬†Volkswagen Polo R 2014 …

As briefly mentioned earlier, the Golf R is set to top the range and join the UK and other market in 2014. There is plans to also design and develop a similar offering for the Polo variant at Volkswagen. The new Polo R model is set to sit on top of the range and offer a considerable amount more kit and technology.


It would be an ideal time for the brand to release the new updated model along with the Volkswagen Polo model.

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