Volkswagen vs Dacia

Volkswagen vs Dacia


It has been rumoured that the Volkswagen firm have been developing their own budget brand for a number of years. However, a number of issues including the balance between production costs and the quality of build.


The Volkswagen brand is a brand that prides itself on being the most technologically advanced brand and a brand that is heavily associated with the quality of build. Today in the news, rumours have started circling once again over the Volkswagen group building a new budget brand.


In the past 24 months we have seen the budget brand Dacia come to the forefront of the market and achieve impressive sales figures. The Dacia brand has only been on sale for just 12 months in the UK and have sold over 10,000 model.


The firm have also proudly overtaken their parent brand Renault in the top European market. A number of firms have highlighted the Dacia brand as being a possible route to success and it looks like the VW brand will develop their own.


However, it is believed that the Volkswagen group will develop and build their budget brand and the range of models in the Chinese car market. The Chinese car market has been a target market for many of the worlds largest manufacturers.


It recent months, manufacturers such as Jaguar and Land Rover have been described as being the leading brands in the automotive market due to their ability to break into the Chinese and Indian car markets respectively.


Jaguar have also been labelled as being amongst the worlds leading brand due to the brand ability to market the new models at the recent motor shows. The Jaguar brand have recently developed a saloon model under the XE badge that is set to go up against the BMW 3 Series.

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