Volkswagen wants collaboration with IT industries


German automaker, Volkswagen‘s CEO says that IT and car industries should work together on connected and autonomous cars and ensure that there is privacy protection for users.


Volkswagen CEO, Martin Winkerhorn, has called for greater collaboration between the auto and IT industries and a voluntary agreement from car manufacturers as connected and driverless cars are getting closer to becoming a reality. Technology seems to be progressing quickly, with testing for autonomous vehicles already underway. Connected car technology is also progressing, with Apple revealing the iOS powered CarPlay at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show.


What did the Volkswagen CEO say?


Speaking at the opening ceremony of CeBIT 2014 in Hannover, Winkerhorn declared his intention to make driving more intelligent and more connected, without removing the joy of getting behind the wheel. He also voiced his and others’ concerns about privacy. Winkerhorn stated that the new cars would be moving data centres and the car industry should be responsible for protecting it’s users against the misuse of that data.


He commented, “We must not allow the car to become a threat to our privacy.” He then went on to add that the Volkswagen group, which includes Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Seat and Skoda, would support any voluntary agreement to protect sensitive information. According to Winkerhorn, the focus of the autonomous technology should be more to do with easing the load when driving was no longer fun such as when stuck in traffic or trying to find a parking space, in a way that is similar to autopilot on a plane. “I am convinced the car is on the threshold of digitalisation. The driver will always retain the ultimate power of decision.”


Audi is already testing driverless cars in California and the US.


Why does Volkswagen want more collaboration?


Despite the advances already being made by many manufacturers, Winkerhorn said that the intelligent car is too big a project for one manufacturer to do alone. He went on to say that the IT industry is a necessary part in the creation of connected cars as most of the tasks associated with them would have to be done by the tech industry.


Due to this viewpoint, Volkswagen have already entered into an alliance with Google and has claimed other companies should contribute too.

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