Volvo Commssioned Road Safety Report

Volvo Report Highlights Road safety

A Volvo commissioned study highlights reasons for most accidents.

While the Volvo report was commissioned to investigate the reasons for truck related accidents we can all take heed.

The report produced by Volvo Trucks’ Accident Research Team, highlighted that nine out of ten accidents involving trucks are a result of the human factor.

Volvo took data from the relevant European authorities which showed the accident cause and where possible accident prevention.

A spokes person for Volvo is reported to have said “90% of all truck accidents stem entirely or partly from the human factor, for instance when one or more of the drivers of the involved vehicles are distracted or misjudge their speed”.

Surprisily the statistics also showed ….

  • only 0.5% of truck drivers involved in serious accidents were under the influence of alcohol in comparison to passenger car driver accidents which are around 15-20%.
  • 17% of all fatal accidents and 7% of accidents resulting in personal injuries are down to trucks, most of them single-vehicle incidents in which the truck drives off the road; although more than half of all serious accidents with trucks are made up of collisions between cars and trucks.
  • 95% of truck drivers who died in accidents weren’t wearing them, not even half of the truck drivers on European roads do!

The number of fatal accidents on European roads has continually dropped in the last 10 to fifteen years primerily beacuse of techonoligical advancements in our vehicles.

So what can we the Great British Public learn from the Volvo statistics?

The overall and constant theme is that human error is something that while we can never elimiate we can at least lessen the risk. The car you are in charge of may nto be as big, or as heavy as some of the massive Volvo trucks but it can srtill be a dangerous pirce of machinary in the worng hands.

Volvo may have based the study on Trucks however we as members of the general public still need to make sure that we take comon sense precaustions and ultimatley take respoinsibilty for our actions.

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