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The final months of 2013 look to be a busy time at the offices of Aequitas Automotive Ltd.

The company behind the leading brands Easy Gap, GapInsurance123 and Shortfall.co.uk has seen a huge growth in sales during this calender year. The Home of Gap Insurance in the UK, or ‘Gap Towers’ as we affectionately call it, has also seen a huge increase in staff as our company has created many new positions in 2013.

Indeed as we approach close the year we at Aequitas are proud to confirm that there has been a four fold increase in new jobs created at our firm in this year.

The success of the company over the last year has been due, in part, to the long term growth plan by the owners of the business. The launching of three independent retail brands was a costly exercise, however even though the Shortfall.co.uk brand has only been available since August, the move has already paid handsome dividends for Aequitas Automotive. As other Gap providers only have one brand, Aequitas can give consumers a choice of three. All have slightly different options, and we hope that this choice means we can find the very best conclusion for a purchaser each and every time.

Of course the current FCA investigation into competition in the Gap Insurance market will highlight, we hope, the need for more choice for consumers. What better options could you have than three independent solutions under one roof?

Of course the increasing awareness of alternatives to motor dealer products within the car buying public will lead to a natural increase in interest in independent brands such as Easy Gap, GapInsurance123 and Shortfall.co.uk. It has been crucial therefore to keep the process of evolving our product terms to keep at the forefront of the market. Indeed as we come to the end of 2013, we expect to announce new enhancement in the coming weeks.

It has come as quite a compliment to ourselves at the level of interest expressed by motor dealers, car brokers, insurance brokers and finance brokers for our Gap Insurance products too. In the last year we have developed several new relationships with leading companies in these fields, allowing our products to to be offered to a range of new customers also.

In 2014 we will see Aequitas Automotive expand on this market and move into wholesale distribution of our products. A new Head of Business Development has been appointed at Aequitas Automotive, and the role will specifically be to develop the ‘Business to Business opportunities that our featured products provide.

So you may find the next time your motor dealer offers you a Gap Insurance product, it could be one from Aequitas Automotive.

Exciting times only made possible by our customers. Our commitment to you remains as strong as it ever has been, many thanks ,Aequitas Automotive.

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