When can you set Gap Insurance policy up?

How much is your used car worth and why does it matter?

In most cases and especially when it comes to on line gap insurance suppliers you will find many addional and flexible features.

Strangely when it comes to gap insurance while at first glance they may seems very flexible which they are are in many many respects they are totally in flexible when it comes to dates during which time you can set a policy live.

To benefit from the higher levels of gap insurance protection you have a maximum of 180 days after delivery.

It sounds like a long time but we are also so busy and next week can blend into the week after and before you know it its too late. One minute or seconds it makes no difference too late is too late. After all should you ever need to make a claim they insurance company would ask for a copy of your invoice and then clearly in black and whte woudl be the delivery date. So your claim would be rejected.

So how far in advance can you set a gap insurance policy live?

With September the 1st and the new registration just days away you will be pleased to know that you actually have up to 14 days before the start date in which you can start your policy. Your cooling off, cancellation and all other forms of protection would not kick in until the date you have entered but it mean that on the 1st instead of rushing back to set your policy live or waiting on the end of the line for a member of the team you can enjoy the moment.

So to summarize you have up to 14 days in advance in which you can start your policy.

You also have up to 180 days after delivery to take advantage of the higher levels included a deferred policy and the life time of a finance agreement  to arrange a finance gap insurance policy.


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