Who is covered on my Gap Insurance ?

Who is Covered on your gap insurance policy?

When you think about gap insurance is can be difficult to understand who and what circumstances are covered.

Is your spouse covered?

Is my partner covered?

Is only the person named on the policy covered?

Thankfully this is an easy answer.

In short anyone you is insured on your insurance to drive or ride your vehicle or bike is covered on your policy. This goes back to the give indemnity clause we have already spoken spoken.

In breif whom ever is using your vehicle when it is written off is covered providing that your own motor insurance company look at the claim and decide that this is valid claim and that they are happy to pay out.

What ever the circumstances so if your vehicle is stolen with use of the keys or without. Weather you are driving or someone named on your motor insurance. Weather is it your fault or a third party as long as your own motor insurance  company are happy then your gap insurance policy will follow suit.

After all gap insurance is not insuring the whole vehicle instead it is insuring the gap created by your own motor insurance company almost like a top up. Therefore if they do not pay out then there is nothing to top up.

This means that there is no age restriction to your gap insurance policy and that even learner drivers can be covered.

Don’t forget that just because you have gap insurance on your vehicle and are covered this will not mean that you will be covered with gap insurance on someone else’s vehicle. The policy is your policy but it is also linked to only your vehicle.

So to summarize who is covered on your gap insurance policy, anyone who is named on your fully comprehensive insurance no matter the relationship to you, their age or driving history.


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